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Keep Your Contract Workforce
Happy and Productive

Digital payouts that delight your workers with choice and eliminate concerns about payment timing.

Let contractors and freelancers choose where to receive compensation: PayPal, Amazon, Direct Debit, Digital Debit Card, 250+ retailer gift cards, and more

Eliminate processing and wait time for workers to receive income

Reduce costs by eliminating physical checks and associated expenses

Deliver a payment experience that reinforces workforce loyalty

Payments that keep pace with the Gig Economy

Significantly less expensive than traditional payments—often paying for itself in just months

Contractors and freelancers LOVE the flexibility and choice of payment options at any point of their service

All-digital transactions provide detailed payment data for fraud monitoring, receipt verification, and reconciliation

Configurable workflows handle your exact business needs, permissions, account controls, and exceptions handling

Seamless integration into ERP, CRM, and financial systems—with almost no IT support required

How It Works