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24 Oct

New Digital Payment Options Provide Consumers with More Choice and Flexibility

No matter what consumers prefer, DigitalPay has all the options covered: direct-to-bank, Amazon, PayPal, Venmo, Starbucks, Target, and hundreds of other leading retailers.

In addition, DigitalPay is excited to offer three new options to our payment endpoints:

More than 60 million people use Venmo to pay friends and family, send rent to landlords, and buy goods at select retailers. We are thrilled to have Venmo available!

The world’s largest retailer is now a payment endpoint through DigitalPay! With over 5000 retail stores and endless online shopping, Walmart is a welcome addition that consumers love – and rely on – every day.

Our new Consumer Disbursements Digital Debit Card is perfect for delivering funds to unbanked payees, online shoppers, or anyone who wants to quickly receive cash. This card can be used internationally and offers easy conversion to plastic for use at an ATM.

Whether you want to save money, offer more choice, or just provide consumers with a better payout process, the switch to digital payments is worth it!

We’re happy to help assess – with no obligation — how your company can benefit from digital payments. Please contact us at: or 1-415-580-2057