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Learn More Instant digital payouts that let customers and vendors choose where they want to receive money. Now that’s how you Pay Happy® Turn Real-time Payments Into Real-time Delight Learn More Fast and easy goodwill payouts that make your travelers very happy, even when mishaps occur. Digital Payments That Keep Customers Flying High Learn More Cost-effective rebate payouts that reinforce brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Digital Payments That Keep Consumers Coming Back for More Learn More Efficient, cost-effective payouts that maximize the reach of legal settlement distributions. Deliver More Justice with Digital Payments
Boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with secure, on-the-spot payment of claims, rebates, refunds, commissions, and other one-time payments.

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Slash payment costs.

Eliminate your hard costs for cutting checks and reduce expenses for fraud prevention, customer support, call centers, and escheatment.

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Radically improve payment efficiency.

Streamline your one-time payments with a SaaS solution that automates your existing business workflow and systems of record.

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Digital Payments: Ideal for A Broad Range of Use Cases

Consumer Rebates

Class Action and Anti-Trust Settlements

Bankruptcy Payouts

Goodwill Payments

Employee Expense Reimbursements

Vendor Payments

Traveler Inconvenience Compensation

Contract and Freelancer Compensation

Loyalty Rewards

Customer Refunds

Affiliate Commissions

Royalties & Dividends

The Benefits of DigitalPay


Dramatically reduce physical check expenses including printing, postage and management time.


Payees get to choose from a range of custom-tailored payment options.


Streamlined payouts that are 100% trackable, easily reconciled and eliminate escheatment to reduce administrative costs by over 50%.


Iron-clad connections to leading payment platforms and fraud mitigation reduces risk and loss.


Receipt of money happens in just seconds – with no app downloads or onboarding required.


Eliminates paper, printing ink, glue and production chemicals.