Three Powerful Reasons to Use Digital Payouts:


Slash costs.

Eliminate hard costs and reduce administrative expense for customer support, call centers, fraud prevention, and escheatment.


Improve efficiency.

Streamline your one-time payouts with an enterprise SaaS solution that centralizes your workflow and payment systems of record.


Boost customer satisfaction.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with secure, on-the-spot payment of claims, rebates, refunds, rewards, and other one-time payments.

Digital Payments:
Ideal for a Broad Range of One-time Payments

  • Class Action and Anti-Trust Claims Settlement
  • Bankruptcy Payouts
  • Consumer Rebates
  • Customer Refunds
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Traveler Inconvenience and Goodwill Compensation
  • One-time Expense Reimbursement (IROPs)
  • Corporate Incentives and Awards

The Benefits of DigitalPay


Dramatically reduce physical check expenses including printing, postage, and management time.


Streamlined payouts that are 100% trackable, easily reconciled and eliminate escheatment to reduce administrative costs by over 50%.


Receipt of money happens in just seconds – with no app downloads or onboarding required.


Payees get to choose from a range of custom-tailored payment options.


Ironclad connections to leading payment platforms and fraud mitigation reduces risk and loss.


Eliminates paper, printing ink, glue and production chemicals.