Deliver Traveler Delight Anywhere in the World

DigitalPay’s unique SaaS platform enables you to make instant payouts directly to your customers’ choice of network. That immediacy can quickly turn travel mishaps into a positive experience and convert an irritated customer into a loyal advocate for your brand.

Enhance customer experience and loyalty with on-the-fly payments to a range of networks like PayPal, Amazon, Direct Debit, Digital Debit Card, 250+ retailer gift cards and more

Eliminate the hassle and cost of paper checks and storing physical debit cards when paying a courtesy credit, goodwill, refund, IROP expense or baggage claims

Distribute funds anytime, anywhere – to customers via their payment endpoint of choice

How It Works

You decide who to pay

  • Your workflow
  • Your ERP systems
  • Your AP processes

Verify and control

  • User authentication
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Integrated workflows
  • Dual account controls

Recipient chooses and gets paid

  • Great recipient experience
  • Fast, seamless payment
  • Straight through process
  • Reduces escheatment

Why Use DigitalPay for Goodwill, Refund and Claim Payments?

  • Secure connections to leading digital payment networks
  • Integrated workflows for rules and transaction handling, exceptions management
  • Payment integrity including non-repudiation, fraud mitigation, and end-to-end reconciliation
  • Dual account controls and permissions management
  • ERP integration for direct connection to your accounting and payment systems
  • Offers flexibility in how settlement funds are made available, disbursed, kept visible and/or restricted (where necessary)