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Payments: In Need of Digital Transformation

Today, global enterprises process more than 15 billion transactions via slow, costly, inefficient check payments. The hard costs, fraud, and unauthorized receipt of money associated with these transactions end up costing billions each year.

In particular, one-time payments to consumers and businesses – refunds, rebates, claims, commissions, “make-good” and supplier payments—present their own set of management and delivery challenges. And despite the proliferation of digital payment networks, there hasn’t been an easy way to leverage handle one-off payouts—until now.

With DigitalPay, you can send payments in minutes, with multi-factor authentication, transaction validation, and proof-of-receipt documentation. It’s the perfect solution for travel, legal services, consumer rebates, and large-scale contractor/freelance environments – all verticals that benefit when outbound payments are faster and more efficient.

A Simple, Secure Way To Harness Digital Payments

DigitalPay’s single, integrated gateway enables you to securely send money to your payees’ choice of payment network. PayPal, Amazon, Direct Debit, Digital Debit Card, 250+ retailer gift cards, and other networks are just a click away from helping you deliver true delight to customers, vendors and partners.

What Separates DigitalPay from the Competition?

Tons of Payment Options

You get to choose payment options from 250+ endpoints for payees — including cash, Amazon or PayPal balances, and premium gift cards.

Your payees then select their preferred destination for funds in a simple, consumer-friendly experience.

No Apps for Payees to Download or Onboard

Unlike other payment systems, no cumbersome downloads or user registration is required.

Payees simply respond to a secure, branded email or SMS notification and can receive funds in under 30 seconds!

Custom-tailored Payment Programs

Payment choices can be tailored to demographics, purchase behavior, geography, and other factors.

Payees with special requirements – like unbanked or slow-to-adopt-technology consumers – can be paid out with ease.

Designed to Deliver Powerful Results

The DigitalPay SaaS platform was built to bring innovative benefits to traditional payment processes:

Cost-effective: Dramatically reduce physical check expenses including printing, postage and management time.

Efficient: Streamlined payouts that are 100% trackable, easily reconciled and eliminate escheatment to reduce administrative costs by over 50%.

Instant: Receipt of money happens in just seconds – with no app downloads or onboarding required.

Delightful: Payees get to choose from a range of custom-tailored payment options.

Secure: Iron-clad connections to leading payment platforms and fraud mitigation that reduces risk and loss.

Eco-friendly: Eliminates paper, printing ink, glue and production chemicals.