Fast, Efficient Refunds That Keep Customers Happy And Loyal

DigitalPay delivers instant refunds to your customers’ choice of network in just seconds. There’s no better way to eliminate cost and friction – especially when cash in hand is far more desirable than account credit.

Give consumers choice to receive payments through PayPal, Amazon, Debit card, 250+ retailers and more

Slash processing and wait time for customers to receive payouts

Deliver a payment experience that differentiates your brand

Reduce costs by eliminating physical checks and escheatment

How It Works

You decide who to pay

  • Your workflow
  • Your ERP systems
  • Your AP processes

Verify and control

  • User authentication
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Integrated workflows
  • Dual account controls

Recipient chooses and gets paid

  • Great recipient experience
  • Fast, seamless payment
  • Straight through process
  • Reduces escheatment

Real-time Payments For Consumer Refunds:

  • Significantly less expensive than traditional payments—often paying for itself in less than 6 months
  • Customers LOVE the choice of real-time payment options at any point of interaction with your brand
  • All-digital transactions provide detailed payment data for fraud monitoring, receipt verification, and reconciliation
  • Configurable workflows handle your exact business needs, permissions, account controls, and exceptions handling
  • Dual account controls and permissions management
  • Seamless integration into ERP, CRM, and financial systems—with almost no IT support required