Solutions for a Wide Range of Use Cases

DigitalPay is ideal for industries that seek the powerful benefits of innovative, streamlined payouts: higher efficiency, lower costs, and a radically improved customer experience.

Legal Services

As the volume and costs of class action settlement payouts have skyrocketed, Legal Service Administrators are under more pressure to reduce processing costs and improve payment success rates. Both of these goals are very achievable—along with a dramatically streamlined process—when settlement is digital from end-to-end.


Goodwill payments, baggage claims compensation, courtesy credits, refunds, Irregular Operations (IROP) reimbursements…the travel industry has many needs for real-time payments that can turn a potentially negative experience into real-time happiness.

Consumer Rebates

Rebates and rewards are critical to consumer sales, but they can be a point of friction if customers find themselves waiting weeks for payments. Now you can pay customers in seconds to deliver an amazing brand experience and improve loyalty.

Consumer Services Refunds

Utility companies, Cable providers, Telcos, and Internet Service providers wrestle with the challenge of efficiently refunding customers when they’ve overpaid or disconnected services. Digital payments eliminate both physical costs and the friction of crediting a customer account when having cash in hand is more desirable.