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Maximize Delivery of Legal
Settlements with Digital Payments

Now you can deliver simple, scalable payouts that distribute more funds to deserving claimants.

Single platform designed to cost-effectively distribute payments in cases with a high number of claimants and large settlement amounts

Enables class members and creditors to choose where they want to instantly receive funds – including PayPal, Amazon, Direct Debit, Digital Debit Card, 250+ retailer gift cards, and other networks.

Easy-to-manage digital redistribution eliminates Cy Pres, escheatment and other administrative burden

Flexibility to pay class action, antitrust, or large-scale bankruptcy settlements

Rule 23 compliant

Deliver Better Outcomes for Legal Services

(DigitalPay)’s technology is going to revolutionize how payments are made in class cases. It’s long overdue that technology is leveraged to digitize and expedite the process holistically. We’ve looked for a solution like (DigitalPay)’s to deliver cash payments to our class members, with Rule 23 adherence, no cy pres and a predictable and repeatable process to get payments to more class members, faster, and more efficiently. We want this to become the standard in the industry.

— Jeff Friedman, Partner at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP

How It Works