Deliver More Funds to Deserving Claimants

DigitalPay’s payment platform enables you to make instant payments to claimants for class action, antitrust, bankruptcy and mediation matters. Claimants get to choose from desirable endpoints without downloading any apps or providing sensitive personal data.

Cost-effectively distributes payments in cases with a high number of claimants and large settlement amount

Give claimants choice to instantly receive funds through PayPal, Amazon, debit card, 250+ retailers and more

Easy-to-manage digital redistribution while eliminating Cy Pres, escheatment and other administrative burden

Perfect for class action, antitrust, or large-scale bankruptcy settlements

Deliver Better Outcomes for Legal Services

How It Works

You decide who to pay

  • Your workflow
  • Your ERP systems
  • Your AP processes

Verify and control

  • User authentication
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Integrated workflows
  • Dual account controls

Recipient chooses and gets paid

  • Great recipient experience
  • Fast, seamless payment
  • Straight through process
  • Reduces escheatment

Add Choice, Speed and Efficiency to Legal Settlements:

  • 250+ desirable payment endpoints
  • No app to download, 3 clicks for claimants to receive funds
  • Secure connections to leading digital payment networks
  • Flexible workflow via bulk file processing and/or one-time payment creation
  • End-end tracking of every payment to easily resolve “where’s my payment” requests
  • No need to capture payment choice at claims form submission – claimant chooses when payment notice is received